Saving money when you have kids and other major responsibilities can feel almost impossible. The bills continue to pile up, and they never seem to end. You try to remind yourself to save some money just in case of emergencies, but then, one bill leads to another and you can hardly wait for your paycheck to hit your account again.

However, you’re in luck because algorithms, codes, and data analysis have helped bring about the rise of some uniquely distinct personal finance apps that take matters into their own hands, on your behalf.

These apps work in the background, helping to save money that you would otherwise have spent by siphoning it away into your savings account.

Let’s take a look at five apps that can help you save money effortlessly.


Digit is your best bet if you don’t excel at saving money. The app analyzes information such as your income with your spending habits by syncing with your checking account. It quietly pulls out money it knows you won’t miss. Stealthily taking pennies and a nickel here and there that you’d think are insignificant and places it into your savings account. You’d be astonished to realize that over a short period, you’ve gathered a tidy sum. Digit can be found on both iOS and Android stores.


Without a doubt, mutual funds are great to invest in especially with proper professional management and a variety of holdings to help minimize considerable risk and generate reliable returns.

It’s quite unfortunate that most of these funds require a steep initial investment, but it’s different with Acorns. It allows you to invest money in mutual funds with what’s basically pocket change. Whenever you make a transaction with either a credit or debit card, Acorns rounds up that transaction to the next dollar and pushes it towards an investment.

Say you spend $20.25 on a purchase; Acorns will set aside $.75 for investment. When it accumulates to a reasonable sum, it would then invest your money into a vanguard-managed portfolio that you choose, ranging from conservative to aggressive.

With Acorns, this is a great way to save while you spend and invest while you spend also. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Acorns is available on iOS and Android.


Sometimes it feels as if we spend money as fast as we can make it but then responsibility reminds you about buying that house or putting your kids through college. Whatever your goals are, just tell Rize, and it will create a tailored financial roadmap to help you get there. It helps you organize for that big plans or move you have by saving your money for you. You can get Rize on iOS and Android.


With the Clarity app, you have your own personal financial advisor at your fingertips. The Clarity app helps to monitor and analyze your income, spending and all transactions in your various accounts. It goes further to tell you if it thinks you’re going over budget and would suggest ways that you could use to reduce your spending.

It does other essential tasks on your behalf like canceling subscriptions you might have forgotten about and finding discounts you might not have otherwise known about.

You can get the Clarity app on iOS and Android stores.


Trying to save money might seem to be not just a boring task, but a daunting one as well. With the Stash app, it can help you build investments that align with your values. It’s not just about saving this time around but investing as well. It presents you with a set of questions and enters investments on your behalf based on your responses. The investment portfolios range from global travelers to environmentalist, and culture lovers.

The Stash app is also available on iOS and Android stores