Umair Iqbal

The CEO and Project Manager for Cybex Tech. Mainly responsible for development, costing and management.

Mian Mohsin

Senior Software Engineer Responsible for Coding and Quality Assurance.

Ali Raza

With special expertise in content management and writing. Specifically handling customer care support related to contents.

Zain Asif

Data Scientist

Hassan Butt

iOS Developer.
Suroor Shaikh

Umair Iqbal

CEO & Development - Lahore

When it comes to customers needs for economic and best solution selection, that's when our expertises come in.

Initially all costing and best solution selection is what customers need help with. I am here to help with just that. once it is finalized as what solution and how to go about, they our team is there to help with the rest.

Feel free to contact us to have any help related to costing, selection of the best solution or technical consultation.

Applications development   ● Costing   ● Development   ● payment approval

Mian Mohsin

Software Engineer - Lahore

Attention to customers needs should be a top priority in any organization regardless of what business they are into. In our business, it is mandatory.

We feel great pleasure to extend our best and friendly support to our customers so each one of them feels special and easy to work with. Our priority is for each customer. We dedicate our efforts make us stand out when it comes to support.

Hope you are satisfied with out support and care throughout your tenure with us. Wish you good business.

Website Developer   ● Quality Assurance   ● Customer Care   

Ali Raza

Content Management - Lahore

Contents Management is all about collection of a company's detailed info regarding all aspects and laying that out in a website's write-up for best representation.

We give importance to content management since that shows and represents your company's image. We try to make the content writing as impressive as we can make to a good impression of your company on your visitors.

Content writing is an art that we have mastered in. We give 70% of our priority to content management.

Content Writing   ● Customer Support   ● Content Layout   ● Final Proof Reading