We have designed the Tanneries Management System to track skins/hides from the time they are received green or salted into your tannery to when they are dispatched as finished goods.
Any information that is important to your business can be recorded at the individual hide or batch level. Even if you do not want to grade/weigh individual hides through a fleshing system, the system can still record that a fleshing batch has been processed and the batch had certain quality attributes such as hide temperature, bacteria count etc.
The Tannery Management System supports multiple user-defined species, and you can collect the data you need appropriate to the species.
The Tannery Management System supports all the major processes in a tannery such as fleshing, short-term preservation processes, tanning drums, sammying and splitting. While the Tannery Management System can track and control the hides beginning to end if a tannery only wants to implement sammying the Tannery Management System can effectively be used to simply record product processed at the sammyer and maintain tight inventory control without having to record any information about the processes leading up to sammying.
Using the full capabilities of the Tannery Management System provides process traceability should a quality issue arise at the sammyer or, indeed, many months or years later when a customer complaint is received. Using standard Tannery Management System reports, it is possible to trace the origin of each hide on a pallet in terms of tanning batch, short-term preservation batch, fleshing batch and receival batch. The Tannery Management System’s quality records at the batch level can be reviewed to see if there may be valid reasons for a customer complaint. The traceback facility can be further enhanced if individual hide identification is used.
The Tannery Management System is provided with a wide variety of reports, that show production, inventory, quality and shipping information, each with selection criteria to enable the user to focus on the information they want. The Tannery Management System is capable of storing 10’s of millions of hide records so even years after the event, the processing history of any hide can be retrieved and associated with the quality control history of the batches from which it was processed.

Notables of Tannery Management System
  • Hide Receivals

  • Fleshing

  • Short Term Preservation

  • Brining

  • Tanning (including recipe formulation)Sammying

  • Splitting

  • Regrading

  • Shipping

  • Full inventory control from receipt to dispatch

  • Reporting and analysis